[Aphio-L] Pledges who signed up for Trash for Cash but didn't show up...

Grobe, Jennifer jg199908 at ohio.edu
Wed Mar 10 22:30:21 EST 2010

Hi guys,

    Ok, so Trash for Cash on Sunday... 17 people signed up online and only 11 showed up (some of which weren't on the online sign up). The executive board decided that those who did not show up but signed up WILL be docked one fundraising hour for not showing up and are now responsible for 2 fundraising hours
    If you are one of these people, you can still donate or work a bake sale next week (sign ups are online) and put it down in your binder. Angela and Laura will be checking up to make sure you did donate or work.

    Thanks guys and We'll see you at the pageant tomorrow!
    Jenn Grobe and Kayla Hencsei
    jg199908 at ohio.edu
    kh204609 at ohio.edu
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