[Aphio-L] philosophizing actives or pledges

Kathryn Lathrop kl166807 at ohio.edu
Mon Mar 8 19:38:04 EST 2010

Hey guys : )
My name is Katie and I am currently a pledge. I am in Philosophy 120,  
otherwise known as Introduction to Logic. I have an exam Wednesday  
(sorry this is kind of last minute) then my final (comprehensive) exam  
is next Thursday. If any of you guys understand proofs, the rules of  
replacement, etc, I would really really appreciate some help. If you  
think you can actually get me to understand this stuff, please send me  
an email, find me on facebook or text me 740-525-2154. I'll meet you  
at the library or Baker or wherever.
Thanks so much,
Katie Lathrop

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