[Aphio-L] End of the Quarter Service Opportunities - PLEASE READ

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Tue Jun 1 19:22:39 EDT 2010

Herro Bros,

Our final list of weeklies for the quarter are up, so anyone who is still in
need of hours might want to check those out! Also, go check out your list of
service hours on the website and make sure that you will have enough to
remain an active next quarter. There are quite a few of you who are still
under the minimum amount of hours required. Just a refresher, you need at
least :

   - *9 service hours *
   - *2 service hours from Relay for Life*
   - *1 fundraising hour*
   - *1 fellowship hour *
   - *5 committee hours*

That being said, here are the final service opportunities that were
mentioned at chapter last night:

   - 2 people painting project for a church's bathroom for 2 hours
   - Nobody came up to me after chapter and volunteered, so the two
   positions are still open.
   - It can be whenever you guys want to paint

   - Cat's Pajamas Clothing Exchange @ Arts West on W. State Street
   - Clothes Donations and Check-ins
   - Friday is from 9pm-2am with pizza and DJ Barticus
   - Saturday and Sunday from 12-6:30pm

There's still plenty of ways to get your hours, so if you're missing any,
you might wanna check these out!

Kris & Gaby
Gaby Swisher

Kris Bader

Alpha Phi Omega Service Chairs

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