[Aphio-L] Help a working bro out!

Lin, Ga-Jen gl218007 at ohio.edu
Tue Jun 1 17:37:31 EDT 2010

 Hey bros!

I work at the Athens Book Center, a small locally owned bookstore on E.State Street (near the corner of Carpenter and Stimson) that you probably never heard of or even knew it existed. In case you haven't received my facebook invite (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123758947658388), let me tell you about our sweet deal.

Basically you email me (gl218007 at ohio.edu) your textbook ISBNs so then I can look it up on buyback for you without you having to cart around a ton of books and then finding out they're not worth anything. If you decide to bring them in, you not only get paid, but you can also use some of that cash to get half-off any size smoothies.

 NOTE: last quarter, I got $80 for three books and I recently paid someone $110 for two of his (lucky lucky guy). Often times we give more than other bookstores so it's worth the walk down.

So join the facebook event, email me your ISBNs, and help a bro and a small locally owned bookstore out!!

Thanks and LFS,
Jen Lin

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