[Aphio-L] Sorry forgot to mention!

Lin, Ga-Jen gl218007 at ohio.edu
Wed Jun 2 09:47:50 EDT 2010

Hey bros!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me their ISBNs! We've had a couple people get some good prices (Nate Freeman got $49 and Kayla Hencsi got $33, be jealous!!!!).

I forgot to mention that even though buyback may not be buying your book back we MAY buy the book ourselves if we think we can sell it. I don't think any other bookstore does that so that's pretty awesome.

If you want to bring your book in when I'm working that'd be awesome since either I've priced them for you or because I may love you more and price them better for you ;)  My work schedule is as follows:

Week 10
6/2 (TODAY): 9-6:30
6/4: 2:30-7
6/5: 9-2:30

6/7: 9-7
6/9: 9-7
6/11: 9-7
6/12: 9-2:30

Thanks again!!! LFS,
Jen Lin
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