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Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega,
This is an email regarding any questions about the number of littles you have received.  As you are aware, we have an immensley large pledge class, an updated final count of 202 pledges.  I am not sure if you are aware, but the Alpha Phi Omega bilaws state that if you are an eligible active member, you are required to take upon the responsibility of a little.  This has not usually been an issue in the past, however, with our increasingly large pledge classes, it is becoming one.  We are faced with a predicament here, because as an organization we are not comfortable turning people away and telling them that they are not allowed to become a member of an organization that posses the core value of service - to the nation, community and our chapter.  Mentoring a little is a service to our chapter an in turn a service to the nation and the community, because we are teaching guiding our future brothers to lead this fraternity and how to successfully give
 back to the nation and community.  Taking a little(s) should be an exciting, inspiring experience, not a dreaded one.
We worked very long and very hard last night to match Bigs and Littles appropriately.  For Seniors who are going to be going Early Alum next quarter and did not request a little, we did our best to match you with older pledges who have probably already established themselves at the university in some way or another, or we matched you with younger pledges that we termed "self-starts" that we believe have the ability to take minimal guidance (due to the fact that you will be absent next quarter), run with it, and prosper within the fraternity. These such assumptions about their leadership and dependent capabilites were based on their interviews.  I think it is necessary to point out that 85% of those that are receiving little are receiving more than one or even two littles.  For those that received more littles than they asked for:  In matching twins, we tried our hardest to match twins (even triplets) that had similar personalities and interests so
 that they would be able to depend on each other.  Also, we assessed whether or not you would have the time and enthusiasm to take on an additonal little, based on what we personally know about you.
So, if after this email you are still unhappy about the Little match-ups and do not think that you will be able to take on the responsibilities that we have assumed you can take, let us know by tonight 8:00PM at the latest.  Or if you have not received littles and planned on taking some, please inform us of our mistake.  Please realize, that you not taking on these littles will mean that someone will have to take on three littles, which begins becoming unfair to the pledges as well as the actives.  Thank you.  

Angela Schedler
Alpha Phi Omega 
Membership VP
as309406 at ohio.edu

Laura Hopkins
Alpha Phi Omega
Membership VP
lh260406 at ohio.edu

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