[Aphio-L] Rebuild NOLA with just a CLICK

Swisher, Gabrielle gs299707 at ohio.edu
Tue Jan 19 11:53:56 EST 2010

Members of Alpha Phi Omega,
   Thank you for your continued service to the New Orleans area.  Everything you do makes a difference.  Here is how you can help us win ONE MILLION DOLLARS from Chase Community giving.

There are three things you and your members could do that would help raise our vote total:

1) Vote. Click the link below to get to our voting page on Facebook.
2) Spread the word to your networks, whether that's via email or on Facebook (preferably both). Create an event and invite all your friends, update your status, write a note, message your friends.
3) Tweet! Please spread the word on your twitter account, and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same. We have sample language on 4nola.org/facebook<http://4nola.org/facebook>.
Feel free to forward this email to all your networks. The link to our Facebook voting page, as well as a link to 4nola.org/facebook<http://4nola.org/facebook> (a website we created with actions you can take to spread the word), can be accessed by clicking the graphic below.

Thank you so much in advance for your help. With this money we can do a lot of good for New Orleans.

Best wishes,
Catherine Lyons
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