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Thu Feb 11 19:55:14 EST 2010

Hello All...again..
So I received almost 50 emails in the past 21 hours regarding formal (adding, subtracting, etc.)  SOOOO I decided that I should resend the cabin sign up sheets to you all since there have been so many changes.

Here's the deal... because all of the pledge cabins are basically full, we have begun adding some pledges to actives cabins.  I hope this doesn't cause too many problems as EVERYONE in APhiO is a cool cat!!  ALSOOOOOOO, if you have signed up for a date you WILL have to pay ($30) for them.  We are at our max for people and if you are claiming to bring a date just to have room, people in crowded cabins are going to be very disappointed...as will I so please be honest and let me know if you are no longer bring a date.

Don't forget you must pay ( for your date too) by NEXT WEDS.  Again here are the times we are collecting:

Friday 2/12:
Michelle Long: Front Room: 12-2pm


Monday 2/15:
Janet Rowan: Front Room 11-1pm
Jacqueline Davis, Megan Gerlach: Front Room 1-2pm

Tuesday 2/16:
Amy Schwendeman: Front Room: 11-2pm
Abbey Fouss: Front Room 2-3pm

Wednesday 2/17:
Megan Berthold: Front Room: 1-3pm
Abbey Fouss: ATCO Bowling @ Rollerbowl: 5-7pm

Don't forget I prefer chocolates and red roses on Valentine's Day ;)

Abbey M. Fouss

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