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Michael Teplitzky mt223906 at ohio.edu
Thu Feb 11 20:55:23 EST 2010


This is pledge Mike Teplitzky. I have been unable to sign up for formal 
because the sheets have been filled up. I am going to formal and I am 
bringing a date.

-Mike Teplitzky-

--On February 12, 2010 12:55:14 AM +0000 "Fouss, Abbey" <af285506 at ohio.edu> 

> Hello All...again..
> So I received almost 50 emails in the past 21 hours regarding formal
> (adding, subtracting, etc.)  SOOOO I decided that I should resend the
> cabin sign up sheets to you all since there have been so many changes.
> Here's the deal... because all of the pledge cabins are basically full,
> we have begun adding some pledges to actives cabins.  I hope this doesn't
> cause too many problems as EVERYONE in APhiO is a cool cat!!  ALSOOOOOOO,
> if you have signed up for a date you WILL have to pay ($30) for them.  We
> are at our max for people and if you are claiming to bring a date just to
> have room, people in crowded cabins are going to be very
> disappointed...as will I so please be honest and let me know if you are
> no longer bring a date.
> Don't forget you must pay ( for your date too) by NEXT WEDS.  Again here
> are the times we are collecting:
> Friday 2/12:
> Michelle Long: Front Room: 12-2pm
> Sunday 2/14: CHAPTERRRRRR
> Monday 2/15:
> Janet Rowan: Front Room 11-1pm
> Jacqueline Davis, Megan Gerlach: Front Room 1-2pm
> Tuesday 2/16:
> Amy Schwendeman: Front Room: 11-2pm
> Abbey Fouss: Front Room 2-3pm
> Wednesday 2/17:
> Megan Berthold: Front Room: 1-3pm
> Abbey Fouss: ATCO Bowling @ Rollerbowl: 5-7pm
> Don't forget I prefer chocolates and red roses on Valentine's Day ;)
> Abbey M. Fouss

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