[Aphio-L] Formal Funness For Fantastic Fellows

Fouss, Abbey af285506 at ohio.edu
Wed Feb 10 23:34:25 EST 2010

Hello my little Eskimo Brethren!! I hope this email reaches you in your igloo...

Fun Facts about FORMAL!!

Date: Feb, 27th, 2010
Cabin check-in: 4:30pm
Check-out: 10am
Dance: 8:30-11pm
ONLY 3 vehicles per cabin (so please get together with your cabin-mates and decide if you need a driver(s)...if so please contact me or Monica and we shall hook-a-brotha up!)
Cost: $30.00 per person-checks made payable to ABBEY FOUSS

We will be collecting money until Wed. Feb. 17th.  If you haven't paid by then you will not be going.  We cannot take any exceptions.  Also, if you still have not signed up for a cabin, please email af285506 at ohio.edu<mailto:af285506 at ohio.edu> and I will find a spot for you!

Here are the times and places we will be collecting money for the next week:
Thursday 2/11:
Diana Steuber: Library 2nd floor Bibliotech Cafe: 10-11am
Amy Schwendeman: Front Room: 11-2pm
Monica Ruscher: Front Room: 7-9pm

Friday 2/12:
Michelle Long: Front Room: 12-2pm


Monday 2/15:
Janet Rowan: Front Room 11-1pm
Jacqueline Davis, Megan Gerlach: Front Room 1-2pm

Tuesday 2/16:
Amy Schwendeman: Front Room: 11-2pm
Abbey Fouss: Front Room 2-3pm

Wednesday 2/17:
Megan Berthold: Front Room: 1-3pm
Abbey Fouss: ATCO Bowling @ Rollerbowl: 5-7pm

***If for some reason you cannot drop your money off at any of these times/places/dates, call or text me at 740.336.0071!!

FINALLLLLLLY...I attached the cabin sign-ups I have thus far.  The spelling of names I'm sure has been butchered, but if any changes need made (i.e. you're not bringing a date, you can't come, someone was mean and scratched your name off the list, etc.) please let me know!!

Love you all and soo sorry for the lengthy email!!

Call me/ text me/ email me/ fb stalk me if you need ANYTHING!!!

Abbey M. Fouss!

Abbey M. Fouss

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