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Thu Feb 11 14:26:56 EST 2010


This is a reminder that the first *5K letter writing party is tomorrow,
Friday the 11th, from noon to 2:30 in Baker 356*.

There has been some confusion about service hours for the letter writing
party, so I just wanted to clear a few things up:

1. You can come at whatever time you want between noon and 2:30. The amount
of service hours you receive is not based on how long you stay, but how many
letters/e-mails you send. 5 letters equals one hour.
2. I'll have letters, envelopes, stamps, and computers, so you don't need to
bring anything but your addresses!
3. Spots are unlimited, so come and bring some fellow bros!
4. Spots to sign up for envelope and stamp donations are on the website. 2
boxes of business sized envelopes equal one hour, and 2 sheets of regular
stamps equal one hour.

Pledges, I'll be there the whole time, so stop by if you need my signature!
Caitlin Kahler will be providing free entertainment in the form of
interpretative dance at promptly 1:08 P.M., EST.

Katie Devlin
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