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okay so i tried to be tech savy and figure out how to send an email over listserv using the sweet new service week account! (serviceweek.aphio at gmail.com<mailto:serviceweek.aphio at gmail.com>) ....but it wouldn't work so here ya go:

Hey brossss -

For anyone who attended prerush, Anna and I talked about using recycled paint to paint drop ceiling tiles to donate to a children's hospital. Well, I've been in contact with a few different hospitals and I'm still waiting for some to get back to me (they promised they would by next week so keep your fingers crossed!) Anyways, I wanted to send this out as sort of a "warning" email to be on the lookout for paint! I'm not sure if this project is a for sure yet so I don't want to tell you to bring your paint down to OU but just be aware that if this project happens we're going to need lots of people to donate paint....and we need bright colors! So this is just an fyi to ask around and see what paint you would be able to come up with if this project happens.

If you have any questions/suggestions/whatever feel free to email us! Thanks guysss :)

-Dani and Anna
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