[Aphio-L] My roommate needs someone to take over her lease! :[

Gebhardt, Anna ag135508 at ohio.edu
Sat Aug 7 17:41:00 EDT 2010

Hey bros!

First of all I miss all of you! So excited for everyone to come back to Athens this fall! :]
Anyways, one of my roommates (Gina Edwards) has a problem. She signed a lease at the Summit with my other roommates and I fall of last year and while she was studying abroad in Spain she was chosen to be a RA (she was in the pool from when she wanted to be a RA her sophomore year and had no idea she was going to get the job). Financially being an RA is a better choice for her and she desperately needs someone to take over her lease. There was 2 girls interested, but both didn't work out as of today. 

She starts RA stuff August 24th so we need to act fast! Her rent is $605 a month including renters insurance, and she has her own personal bathroom. The Summit is fully furnish (full size bed, dresser, desk, big closets, night stand) as well. We have a balcony, and she also has the biggest room in the apartment. There is four of us in this apartment and all the other roommates are really great girls! If you know anyone who is remotely interested please have them email me or Gina. 

Thanks guys!

ag135508 at ohio.edu

or Gina Edwards

ge765907 at ohio.edu

Anna Gebhardt
Service Week Co-Chair

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