[Aphio-L] if your not in the ocho, delete me

Leigha Kristoff lk491206 at ohio.edu
Fri Nov 13 10:21:49 EST 2009

fam 8....

turkey day is today and i dont have anyones lettuce! i work til five  
today so if you want me to bring your lettuce/salad/dressing for you  
and your bros enjoyment, please text me asap. i work in the vp's  
office on the second floor of cutler hall and you can bring it to me  
then. otherwise, bring it to the church by five. if not, no one gets  
salad. :(

please email or text me what your doing! thank you!

Leigha Kristoff
Red Bull SBM- Ohio University
EW Scripps School of Journalism '11
Belts Breaking Bondage, VP
Alpha Phi Omega, Member

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