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 Hey Bros!

So dont forget, that TOMORROW (Fri Nov 12th) will be our Thanksgiving Dinner at UMC (The white church on college street).  It will be downstairs in the basement!  Dinner will be at 6pm

Below is a list of what each family is bringing, just in case you forgot!  Also, please make sure that one or two people from each family bring your families food at 5pm!!!!  No LATER (especially hot food!!)  This is so we can heat everything up and make sure we are ready to eat by 6pm!!

We will start serving dinner around 6pm :)  PLEASE BRING AN APPETITE!!!  We will have tons of wonderful food :)

Cant wait to see everyone soon!

Family 1 - Stuffing and Napkins

Family 2 - Potatoes and Gravy and Cups

Family 3 - Salad and Dressing (with Family 8)

Family 4 - Sweet Potatoes and Plates

Family 5 - Cranberry Sauce and Rolls

Family 6 - Ham

Family 7 - Pies and Forks

Family 8 - Salad and Dressing (with Family 3)

Family 9 - Turkeys (Yes, there will be FOUR!) and Drinks

Family 10 - Green Bean Casserole and Knives

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