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Larson, William larsonw at ohio.edu
Tue Jan 8 12:31:34 EST 2019

Hi Dr. Allen & the Students in the Chillicothe/Southern Sections of the EDAD 6310 and/or the EDAD 6980 Courses!

The January & February Pike County Career Tech Center class sessions will be in the Multipurpose Room.

You should access the Center from the outside door, which is located between the wing to your left and the main section as you approach the front of the Center. You can park in front of the Center and in a location that is relatively close to the outside door.

Once you are inside of the outside door, you will see two restrooms immediately in front of you. If you turn right and proceed through a connecting door from the wing to the left and the main portion of the Center, the first room immediately on your right is the Multi-Purpose Room.

The Multi-Purpose Room is large. It should accommodate large- and small-group work. If you rearrange the furniture, please place in its original location before leaving for the day.

For purposes of Internet connectivity, please know that:

  *   Username is ctc.guest
  *   Password is room219

The computer in the podium in the front of the room and the projector are being activated for each of the two class sessions.

The building should be opened by 8:00 a.m. and will be closed by 5:00 p.m. in order to accommodate early arrivals and late departures.

Please direct all communications about spring semester class attendance, course assignments, and the like to Dr. Allen. His email address is allenl at ohio.educ<mailto:allenl at ohio.educ>. Rubin is creating and will share a phone tree for the use of Dr. Allen and the students in case that email will not suffice for communications.

Take care; hope you have a good spring semester.

Until then, Bill
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