[Ous-lp-rp13] Update

Larson, William larsonw at ohio.edu
Tue Jan 8 08:10:47 EST 2019

Hi Everyone!

I appreciate that you have shared with me, per my request, your preferences for dates for the 2019 summer semester class sessions.

Three courses will be scheduled for the summer semester. Twelve sessions will be needed for the three courses.

My objectives when attempting to develop the schedule will include:

  *   The identification of class session dates that are after each of you have finished teaching for the 2018/19 school year, which obviously varies among the districts in which you work.

  *   The avoidance of class sessions during the week in which July 4th is located (i.e., the week of July 1, the first week of the month).

  *   The identification of dates that are available for the instructors.

Once I have finished attempting to address these objectives, the schedule will be sent to you. This endeavor may take a while. Your patience would be appreciated.

Until then, Bill

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