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Wed Apr 24 15:24:02 EDT 2019

Dear Chillicothe/Southern Principal Preparation Program Students:

  1.  Graduation:

  1.  If you have completed all of the courses since the summer of 2018, you will be eligible to apply to graduate for a Master's Degree in Educational Administration effective the end of the summer semester.

  1.  You must apply in order to graduate.

  1.  Application directions can be found at https://www.ohio.edu/registrar/grd.cfm.

  1.  The absolute deadline to apply to graduate at the end of the summer semester is July 15.

  1.  The designated date upon which identification of end of the summer semester graduation will become evident in the records of the Office of the Registrar has been reported to be September 16.

  1.  All of the courses in the 6-semester, 24-month program, in which you have been and are currently enrolled, are for an Ohio principal's license.

  1.  The courses for a Master's Degree in Educational Administration are embedded within the 6-semester, 24-month program.

  1.  Some you may be prompted to apply to graduate due a possible increase in your compensation. You might want to consider a few factors. They are:

  *   If you have been using a loan (e.g., FAFSA) to pay for the program, you almost certainly will be expected to begin paying back the loan shortly after you graduate.
  *   You might wish to compare the cost of the loan payback against the increase in compensation, minus the deductions that are made for health insurance, Medicare, retirement, worker's compensation, and the like.
If you have questions, please share them with me.

Until then, Bill

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