[Ous-lp-rp13] Follow-up

Larson, William larsonw at ohio.edu
Sun Oct 28 17:11:10 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone!

Greetings; thanks for the meaningful manner in which you participated in yesterday's (Saturday, October 27) seminar. I am really impressed with you and am appreciated of the opportunity to engage in learning with you. Willie Hobbs was also impressed with you.

Spring Semester dates:
You are praised for selecting January 12, February 23, March 30, April 27, and May 4 (make-up) as the dates for the four spring semester class sessions. Please place the dates in your calendar and try to be present.

"Getting Past No" and the ramifications of competition morning discussions:
I hope that you benefited from the morning discussions regarding the ramifications of competition and the strategies offered in "Getting Past No." The strategies found in "Getting Past No," if applied thoughtfully, are all but full-proof. You are encouraged to maintain a copy of the book in order to address upcoming conflicts.

Presentation by Willie Hobbs:
You appeared to grasp the message offered by Willie Hobbs, namely that doing good deeds for others contributes substantively to your bounty, probably far more than the size of your pay-check or bank account. While I confess to having been ambitious during my career, I have concluded that doing good deeds is extremely worthwhile.

Conflict Activity:
You appeared to exhibit your real selves during the activity. I hope that you will reflect in a forthcoming manner upon your behaviors during the activity and include them in your submissions for the Conflict-based Assignment.

Please know that the activity was rather "rigged" to bring out the true-you. In some ways each group appeared to revert to competition, which was probably not the best strategy to maximize the profits, presuming that such an objective was identifiable in the beginning of the activity.

Behavioral-based assignments:
Each of the submissions for the four behavioral-based assignments should be approximately one-page in length. If you cannot meet the due-dates, please try to submit them within seven days thereafter.

Next seminar:
Hope you have a pleasant Thanksgiving. Am looking forward to being with you next on Saturday, December 1.

If you have questions or suggestions, please notify me.

Until then, Bill

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