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Larson, William larsonw at ohio.edu
Sun Oct 7 22:48:56 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone!

The primary purpose of this message is reassert my appreciation for the birthday celebration yesterday. The celebration was greatly enjoyed and appreciated.

I hope my appreciation was evident. I think that I sometimes fail with such matters.

At a recent faculty department meeting, recognition was made of the college award that I won last spring, the article in the Athenaeum <https://author.oit.ohio.edu/education/about/athenaeum.cfm> regarding some of my work, and the presentation that I have been requested to make in November. The faculty offered me a round of applause, which is rather uncommon. The department chair then said "speech." My reaction was that I am "embarrassed."

If the truth be known, I probably was somewhat embarrassed about the birthday celebration. However, I was also very "appreciative and honored." You are stellar group of students for which I consider it to be an honor to engage in learning.
You might be served with a few reminders:

*         You can submit the "Cognitivism Paper" any time through this Friday, the 12th if the extension would be helpful.

*         You might find interesting the Cleveland Plain Dealer article "Ranking all Ohio school districts (income adjusted) for their test scores on report cards: Steubenville is No. 1." See <https://www.cleveland.com/expo/news/erry-2018/09/f7069f2d532772/ranking-all-ohio-school-distri.html>.

*         Please read "Getting Past No" by William Ury before the October 27 class session.

I hope that you are finding informative the guest speakers that I have scheduled for the fall semester Saturday class sessions. I have purposely chosen individuals who have expertise in the subjects being studied. I have also tried to identify individuals with interesting, different, and unique professional journeys.

Please avoid concluding that I wish for you to model the speakers. I want you to learn and be challenged by them. However, I do not think that I could find speakers who you should model, given that each of you have different capacities, temperaments/traits, and aspirations. Among other things, there appears to be "no" right way in the professional journey upon which you have embarked.

If you have questions or suggestions, please share them with me.

Until then, Bill Larson

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