[Ous-lp-rp13] Term List

Amanda Burns amanda.burns at redstreaks.org
Sat Oct 6 10:17:29 EDT 2018

*Authoritarian leadership*
*Closed Climate*
*External locus of control*
*Extrinsic motivation*
*Transactional Leadership*
*Weberian Structure*
*loosely coupled structure*
*professional structure  *

*Behavioral approach to learning*
*Constructivist approach to learning*
*Distributed/shared leadership*
*Incremental view of ability/capacity *
*Internal locus of control*
*Intrinsic motivation*

*natural system*
*open climate*
*open/social systems*

*rationale systems*
*servant leadership*
*stable perspective of ability/capacity*
*tightly coupled structure*
*transformational leadership*
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