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Molly & Brandy

Implications of Cognitivism on Learning

Information processing theories

  1.  attend-how you pay attention
  2.  encode & relate- how you process the information and relate to prior knowledge
  3.  store-short and long term memory
  4.  retrieve-how you refer back to it (long term memory)

Everybody does this differently.

Three stages of memory:

  1.  sensory
  2.  short term
  3.  long term

This process is not linear. It is based on an individuals prior knowledge.

What teachers can do to enhance memory.

  1.  give directions in multiple ways
  2.  teach students to over learn material
  3.  teach students to use visual images and other memory strategies
  4.  give teacher prepared handouts prior to class lectures
  5.  teach students to be active readers
  6.  write down steps in math problems
  7.  provide retrieval practice for students
  8.  help students develop cues when storing information
  9.  prime the memory prior to teaching/learning
  10. review material before going to sleep

Factors that inhibit the learning process:

  1.  lack of sleep
  2.  poor diet
  3.  stress
  4.  environment
  5.  social surrounding/natural surrounding-how students react to these "Fight or Flight"
  6.  attitude

Brandy Bruce

Teacher-Ashland Independent Schools
Graduate Student-Ohio University

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