[Ous-lp-rp13] Formative Quiz - Amy Yeomans, Dakota Taylor, Saretta Jackson

Saretta Jackson sjackson at southpoint.k12.oh.us
Sat Oct 6 10:32:12 EDT 2018

Our group divided the terms into two categories. We assigned each term with
a one or a two.  The "one" column designates terms with would be in common
with "Authoritarian" and the "two" column designates terms that are more in
common with "servant leadership".

Column One - Authoritarian Leadership, closed climate, external locus of
control, fear, rationale systems, resentment, stable perspective of
ability/capacity, tightly coupled structure, Webrian structure.

Column Two - Behavioral approach, cooperation, constructivist approach,
distributed/shared, enthusiasm, extrinsic, internal locus, intrinsic
motivation, loosely coupled, natural system, open climate, open/social
system, servant leadership, transformational leadership.
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