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Larson, William larsonw at ohio.edu
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Hi Everyone!

Greetings; I hope that you have had a pleasant weekend.

While I have been working on the location(s) for the spring semester class sessions, they are not yet finalized. I hope to have an update to you later this week or the first of next week.

I am in the process of reviewing and evaluating your Conflict Papers. My initial reviews of the papers were favorable. I expect to have the evaluations to you by the end of this week or this coming weekend.

However, last week's schedule was overwhelming, as is this coming week's schedule. For example, I have this week, (a) six Search Committee meetings, of which I am a member (four for the Dean of the University Library System position and two for an EDAD Program Group IV Faculty position), (b) an initial meeting of the Educational Studies Department Outreach/Bridge Committee of which I am the chair, (c) a meeting of the Dean's Faculty Advisory Committee, (d) a hooding for a doctoral student whose dissertation that I chaired, (e) the papers to review and evaluate, and (f) a specialist appointment and two therapies to take Nancy.

BTW, Nancy and I took two rather long walks yesterday and today in which she was without a walker, cane, or my support. The neurosurgeon refers to Nancy as his "miracle" patient, as she could not move her left arm, hand, leg, or foot for several days after the surgery. I attribute my contribution to Nancy's recovery to the support which you have given me last summer and this fall.

Take care; hope you have a good week.

Until then, Bill

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Subject: Expression of appreciation

Hi Everyone!

Greetings; I have thoroughly enjoyed engaging in learning with you this semester.

As I left Waverly yesterday, I experienced sadness with the thought that we will not be together again until the summer.

My praises are offered, as you have exhibited that you are learning the expected contents and skills.

In addition, you have had an opportunity to engage with four guests, each of whom is a practitioner, who has demonstrated a commitment to leadership and students.

I hope that you are reflecting on the guest practitioners, particularly what they said, and their attitudes about our craft. While I am not suggesting that you pursue the paths of the any of the practitioners, I am hoping that you will reflect and build your own career pathways.

I will miss you during the spring semester, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, and I will look forward to being with you during the summer semester.

Take care: if there is an emergency you can communicate with Robin Boyd boydr at ohio.edu<mailto:boydr at ohio.edu> and (740) 533-4579, who will have access to me.

Until then, bill
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