[Ous-lp-rp13] Charming: Climate Control

Amanda Burns amanda.burns at redstreaks.org
Sat Aug 25 15:10:14 EDT 2018

Dustin, Amanda, Brittany, Angie

Might you discuss in small groups and then report to the entire group the
reasons that (1) your charm and shrewdness might and might not contribute
to a desirable climate (2) the potential challenges of maintaining openness
in faculty relations, and (3) the reasons that you would or would not want
to provide leadership for a healthy climate?

*1. Your charm:* What you consider to be charming may be perceived
differently to others. Your charm needs to be more than just surface level;
you need to build a deeper and genuine connection/relationship.

*2. Potential challenges:  *

·         Too soft, they can take an advantage of you.

·         Becoming a principal in a building that you taught or in the
district you graduated from.

·         Having preference towards certain faculty or departments.

*3.  Reasons why you would:* Less stressors, stakeholders are stable with
what’s going on in the school, established foundation

*     Reasons why you would not:* Failed system/practices, people don’t
like change, question your approach and don’t jump on board.
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