[Ouretail] Donation Opportunity with Sophia Makeup Artistry- Union St. Fire

Cavender, RayeCarol cavendr1 at ohio.edu
Mon Nov 17 13:07:49 EST 2014

Students in RFPD,
Please see the email below from RFPD senior, Sophia Borghese (sb288411 at ohio.edu<mailto:sb288411 at ohio.edu>). She is interested in providing aid to students that were affected by the horrific fire on Union St. this weekend and is requesting your help. Please contact Sophia directly if you would like to donate beauty products to support this cause.
Best Regards,
Dr. Cavender

Email from Sophia:
Hi, my name is Sophia Borghese, I'm a senior retail major, and about six months ago I started my own beauty business. I'm a makeup artist, who plans on going as far in the beauty industry as I can, and plan on doing that by helping everyone feel beautiful! Since hearing about the fire on Union Street, I cannot feel more obligated to donate to the students effected. I would never want to wake up one morning to find that my all my makeup was gone, and I would not wish that upon anyone either. So, I am asking that you help out my beauty business, Sophia Makeup Artistry, by donating one (or two) new beauty products at the next Thread, Fashion Associates, or RFPD class meeting! Honestly, any beauty product would be helpful, as I cannot afford all the hair or makeup products myself. So, feel free to donate anything from concealer to hair ties! Cannot wait to help out our fellow students!

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