[Ouretail] RFPD Alumni-Requesting Help

Cavender, RayeCarol cavendr1 at ohio.edu
Wed Nov 12 09:54:59 EST 2014

Greetings RFPD Alumni,
The following is a request for help from a student in the OU Honors Tutorial College, Katie Lasco. If anyone fits the criteria in the post below and is willing to help, please contact Katie directly. Thanks so much!

Message from Katie Lasco:
My name is Katie Lasco, and I'm a senior business major in the Honors Tutorial College. I'm conducting a study on communication strategies used by companies in the textile industry, and am looking for interview participants. My research is focused on methods used to communicate about any environmental and social responsibility activities to potential customers, such as recycling or waste initiatives, environmental attributes of products, or efforts to treat employees fairly.

I'd love to get in touch with alumni in the textile industry involved in sales, external communications, or in securing contracts with new customers, to do a 30 minute phone interview. Even if your company doesn't have a strong social responsibility program, your responses would still be valuable to me. Company identities will be kept confidential and the information provided will be used for research purposes only. And, I'd be happy to share my final results in the spring.

Is anyone willing to help, or could recommend contacts for me? My email is katielasco at outlook.com<mailto:katielasco at outlook.com>.

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