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Congratulations to the Fashion Associates Organization for a fabulous Mom's Weekend Fashion Show last Saturday! It is so wonderful that the event is a hallmark of the Mom's weekend festivities.

I want to especially commend the members of FA for their philanthropic leadership toward the Fashion Associates Internship Scholarship.  $1,000 was raised through the raffle to supplort the fund that provides a schoarlship each year.

I thought it would be interesting and appropriate to share with listserv member a bit more information about this scholarship fund...

Several years ago Fashion Associates established the fund by contributing and initial $2,000 to the Ohio University Foundation and creating the "Fashion Associates Internship Scholarship".  As with any philanthropic gift to the Ohio University Foundation, guidelines were established, that must be followed, to award the scholarship.  The guidelines state that a committee of faculty and FA members will review applications; applicants must be RFPD majors who will be completing the capstone internship in the upcoming year.  Leadership to FA and GPA are considered in the application review.

Each year, the money raised in whatever fundraising activities (currently a raffle during Mom's weeken) the orgnaization carries out can be donated to the Ohio University Foundation fund.  This year $1,000 was added to the fund, so to date, about $4,500 is in the fund.  The amount paid in scholarship depends on how much money is in the fund -- and you always want to pay out a small portion of the "principal investment." Currently, and since the fund was established, the scholarship "awarded" is $300.

The goal is for the Foundation fund to reach a totol of at least $15,000. At that level, the scholarship awarded will be paid from the interest earned on that money, and the principal will convert to "endowed" status - meaning it is never spent, but the interest will increase as the principal continues to grow from subsequent donations

As the fund grows, the amount of the schoarlships, and even the number of scholarships awared, can increase. That is why it is really important to save/invest more money than is spent each year on the award.

This FA Internship Scholarship Fund presents a legacy for the activities of FA members -- and an opportunity for you all to designate your own personal charitable gifts, if you ever wish to 'give' to Ohio University.

As alumni - you 'soon to be graduates' (and graduates who are still members of this listserv) will be asked to contribute to Ohio University through charitable giving. It is exciting that the FA orgnanization has established a fund that supports internship activities -- you can designate your gift to this fund! Be sure to make a note on your check or pledge card that you want your gift to go to the Fashion Associates Internship Scholarship!  As an alum of Ohio U and a former FA member myself, I have made the choice to support this endeavor -- I hope you will too.

And... congratulations to Ali Goble, the 2012 Internship Scholarship Recipient. She will be interning with Kohl's!

Happy Weekend, everyone!
Dr. P

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