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Retail and Fashion Product Development Grads - please note this opportunity!
Dr. P

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Hi Dr. Paulins,

I have reached out to you in the past about internship opportunities for OU retail students in the past and now I have the pleasure of passing along information about a Sales Manager job opening with Macy's in the Tuttle Mall - Columbus, OH.

November 1, I moved back to Ohio to take a Sales Manager positon with Macy's in their Young Men's department and have LOVED it! We have such an awesome team and everyone has been so welcoming. We currently have another opening for a Sales Manager postion in Juniors. Our previous manager was offered another opportunity and we were sad to see her go.

If you could please pass along the information for any OU graduates that are looking for an immediate position - here are the basic details:

Job Position: Sales Manager - Juniors (Full Time)

Company: Macy's - Tuttle Mall

Location: Columbus, OH


Those interested can contact me with their resumes and I will pass them along to my HR manager!

Thank you so much & GO GREEN!

Karaline Quellhorst

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