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  Retail Merchandising Students:

I would like to introduce the retail sales certificate to you and invite anyone interested in joining The Sales Centre the informational meeting held TONIGHT September 15th at 6:00 pm in Copeland 104--and TOMORROW Sept. 16th at 8:00 pm in Copeland 104.  There will be pizza and refreshments provided and it will be a great opportunity to meet and network with current sales centre students!  I hope to see a lot of retail students represented this year!

If you would like more information visit--www.thesalescentre.com--or you can forward any questions to as113906 at ohio.edu.

Criteria for admission into the Sales Certificate program include:

  *   Submission to the Sales Centre, Copeland Hall 601, of a completed application form
  *   Submission to the Sales Centre, Copeland Hall 601, of a copy of the applicant's most recent DARS report indicating an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher;
  *   Submission to the  Sales Centre, Copeland Hall 601, of the applicant's resume demonstrating the characteristics that support a successful sales career, for example, a strong work ethic, etc.;
  *   Submission to the Sales Centre, Copeland 601 of a 200-300 word essay illustrating the applicant's dedication and commitment to an organization or club and how the applicant can apply what he/she has learned from the experience to The Sales Centre;
  *   Submission to the Sales Centre, Copeland Hall 601 of a list of 2 references (one professional and one personal  - MUST not be family).  Please provide name, title, relationship and contact information;
  *   Commitment to a strong level of extra-curricular involvement in Sales Centre activities; and
  *   Completion by the applicant of a panel interview with Sales Centre Leadership Team member(s) and Candidate Advisory Council member(s).

Retail Course Requirements:

Core Requirements:

  *   MKT 358 - Professional Selling Techniques (4)
  *   MKT 458 - Sales Management (4)
  *   HCRM 399B - Retail Sales Internship (4)

Advanced Courses (must select one):

  *   MKT 404 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management (4)
  *   MKT 444 - Consumer Behavior (4)
  *   MKT 468 - Advanced Selling Techniques (4)
  *   MKT 491 - Seminar - Sales (4)

Retail Merchandising Requirements:

  *   HCRM 250 - The Consumer in American Society (4)
  *   HCRM 423 - Retail Merchandising:  Promotional Strategies (4) OR HCRM 417 Retail Merchandising: Management (4)

Cross-disciplinary Requirements (must select one):

In addition to the courses listed above, one additional cross-disciplinary courses (4 hours) are needed to fulfill the 28-hour requirement.  The following courses are suggested.*

  *   COMS 206 - Communication in Interpersonal Relationships (4)
  *   COMS 215 - Argumentative Analysis and Advocacy (4)
  *   COMS 342 - Communication and Persuasion (4)
  *   JOUR 250 - Advertising Principles (4)
  *   PHIL 130 - Introduction to Ethics (4)

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