[Ouretail] PRL needs your help for internship contacts

Annie Semenczuk as113906 at ohio.edu
Thu Sep 10 15:46:47 EDT 2009

Welcome back Retail Merchandising students!

To start out the year the members of the Professional Retail Leaders would like
to collect contacts you have made during your internship search.  We would then
like to use these contacts to compile an updated internship book for future
students to use when they start to look for their perfect internship.

If you have contacts from internships you have completed or contacts of
professionals you have used during your search we would appreciate if you shared
them with us.  We would like to help our retail students strive to find the best
fit for them when they look for their internship.  

You can forward any information you may have to Annie Semenczuk at as113906 at ohio.edu

Thank you all for your help!

-The members of PRL

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