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Ann Paulins paulins at ohio.edu
Tue Nov 3 17:14:26 EST 2009

Hello all listser members,

The retail merchandising faculty at Ohio University are continually 
striving to offer coursework and programming to fit the interests of our 
students, attract prospective students, and meet the needs of our graduates 
as they embark on careers in the field of merchandising.

Toward that end, we have been exploring exploring how to best create and 
communicate our identity to these groups as well as prospective employers 
of our students for internships and career positions.

Please give us feedback...

Do you believe that "Retail Merchandising" is the best name for our major? 
If not, what "name" do you suggest?

What are the most important content areas/courses that you identify with 
the major? Please clarify if you are speaking as a graduate who has applied 
information from the major to your career or whether you are a student in 
the program who is looking for courses that are of particular interest to 

And finally... what "Career positions" (jobs) are you most interesting in 
securing upon graduation?

Please share this information by emailing me (paulins at ohio.edu) or any of 
the other RM faculty at Ohio University:
Dr. Yingjiao Xu (xuy at ohio.edu)
Dr. Sky Cone (cone at ohio.edu)
Dr. Lynn Kwak (kwak at ohio.edu)
Ms. Michelle Price (pricej1 at ohio.edu)

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Dr. P

V. Ann Paulins
Director and Professor
School of Human and Consumer Sciences
Ohio University
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Athens, OH  45701

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