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(Viginia) Ann Paulins paulins at ohio.edu
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RM internship seekers - contact Carly if you are interested (contact info
below) -- this is a great sales internship and enables a good experience in
a retail environment.

Dr. P

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Dr. Paulins-

My name is Carly Hilliard and I am currently enrolled in HCRM 499 and
completing my internship experience at Buckle.  As the sales and management
intern I am required to recruit another intern to take my place once my
experience is complete.  In addition to an intern, we are looking for
potential managers that would be interested in completing the management
training program once they have graduated.  I was hoping you could post
this  information on the OU Retail listserv so the students could consider
this  opportunity.

The Buckle internship program is a 3-4 month paid position and is available
as  a full-time or a part-time position.  Buckle provides a hands-on
experience  from sales and store merchandising to hiring and store
operations.  The  internship program is set up to allow students the
opportunity to further  explore additional sales and management positions
upon fulfillment of their  internship requirements.

If any students are interested in an internship or management training
position in the Columbus area please contact me by e-mail with a resume as
well as times you may be available on Wednesday March 11th.  My store
manager  and I will be on the OU campus Wednesday March 11th to conduct
individual  information sessions with students we see fit for the positions.

Carly Hilliard
CH354805 at Ohio.edu

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