[Ouretail] FA NEEDS HELP WITH MODELS---Saturday May 2nd

Annie Semenczuk as113906 at ohio.edu
Mon Apr 27 18:32:50 EDT 2009

Hello everyone!

FA needs your help! We have had quite a few models drop out of the Mom's Weekend
Fashion show this Saturday May 2nd and we would really appreciate your
participation.  We have fitting dates and times but since it is getting down to
the wire we can take your names and sizes and pull clothes for you--unless you
can make a fitting.

The show is THIS Saturday from 1-3.  We will have a run through at 11 in the
baker ballroom.  The models will model clothes from local retailers, but need to
do their own makeup, hair and have their own shoes.  Please get back to me ASAP
through e-mail or you can call 330-554-3484!  It will be very fun!


Annie Semenczuk 

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