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(Virginia) Ann Paulins paulins at ohio.edu
Fri Oct 24 16:35:26 EDT 2008

You might be interested... sounds like a great opportunity!

Dr. P

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Date: Friday, October 24, 2008 3:58 PM -0400
From: Lauren Smith <ls861607 at ohio.edu>
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Subject: Ralph Lauren Speaker

Hi Dr. Paulins,

My organization, the Society of Professional Journalists, a Scripps
organization, is hosting a copy writer for  RalphLauren.com to speak to us
over iChat. This will be happening this coming Tuesday, October 28th at
5:10 in Scripps 111. Because our speaker is so heavily entrenched in
merchandising, I thought there may  be some clubs or organizations in the
College of Human and Consumer Sciences that may be interested  in hearing
this woman speak. She is an OU alumnus, and should have some interesting
things to say.  Please let me know how to get in contact with any groups
that may be interested, or where within Grover I  could post flyers to get
a good turnout for this Tuesday, aside from Journalism students. Thank you,
I look  forward to hearing from you. Please also feel free to call me at
440-258-6945. Thanks again!

Lauren Smith
Vice President
Society of Professional Journalists
OU Chapter

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