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Here are the first OCEES Announcements 28 Jan 2019

1)      Ecolunch: Jana Houser - Ohio University Assistant Professor of Geography Tornadoes: What we know, how we know it, and what we still need to learn - 11:50 on Wednesday, 6 February in Irvine 159

2)      Science Café: Larry Witmer - OU - HCOM - Digital Dinosaurs - fleshing out the past. 17:00 Wednesday, 6 February in Front Room, Baker Center

3)      PBIO Colloquium: Dr. Carrie Liel  - Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden. A microcosm for understanding covariation of floral traits and pollination systems in a phylogenetic context. 11:50 a.m. on Friday, 8 Febraury, in Porter Hall 104.

4)      Ecolunch: Julia Joos - OU - Biological Sciences. Impact of megafauna extinction on body size distribution in tortoises. 11:50 on Wednesday, 13 February in Irvine 159.

5)      Darwin Lecture: Tracy Langkilde Professor and Chair of Biology - Penn State University - Evolutionary responses of animals to environmental challenges: coping with noisy landscapes and invasive predators. 16:00 on Monday 18 February Irvine 199

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