[Ocees] Opportunities with Ohio State University

Gutherz, Samuel sg658915 at ohio.edu
Wed Mar 7 11:00:56 EST 2018

Hello everyone,

         I wanted to make you all aware of two opportunities being made available to graduate students from Ohio State University:

  1.   OSU's equivalent to OCEES is having a "BioBlitz" in collaboration with Keep Wayne Wild in the Wayne National Forest on April 14th. IF you have any interest in joining them, please email me (sg658915 at ohio.edu) or Naava Honer (honer.4 at buckeyemail.osu.edu).
  2.  OSU's Museum of Biological Diversity is having their open house on April 7th. The research collections will be open to the public. It is also a great opportunity to gain access to any specimens one may need for future research. For more information click the link: https://mbd.osu.edu/open-house


Best regards,
Samuel Gutherz

Samuel Gutherz
Ph.D. Student
O'Connor Lab at the Department of Biological Sciences
Ohio University, Athens OH
Phone: 570.470.1323
Email: sgutherz0819 at gmail.com<mailto:anthony.gilbert09 at gmail.com>

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