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OCEES faculty and graduate students,

Annual application process for the UGRIP is occurring now.  Please encourage your undergraduate researchers to apply. Information is here<https://www.ocees.ohio.edu/ocees%20UGRIP.htm> and below:
They do ecolunch every spring and then some form of U/G research as upper classpeople. We have our own PURF-like funding available for them as well.  The application is on the website and attached, as well (Due October 22).
 Steve Reilly


Greetings Bios Major,
Are you interested in getting more research experience as part of your undergraduate training?
Then you may perfect for the UGRIP.
The UGRIP is a program of the Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies (OCEES) at OU that  provides the students interested in ecology and evolutionary biology  (EEB) the opportunity to get experience in scientific inquiry-based learning and research.  The UGRIP plan is open to all students interested in ecology and evolution on a competitive basis.  For info go to: https://www.ocees.ohio.edu/ocees UGRIP.htm <https://www.ocees.ohio.edu/ocees%20UGRIP.htm>

UGRIP consists of two components designed to engage students during freshman through senior years with research engagement each spring semester (in BIOS 3880 Undergraduate  RESEARCH & INQUIRY in EEB for 2 cr. hours) and a formal research course experience usually in the junior/ senior years.  In BIOS 3880 you attend EEB research seminars and then spend an hour with the speaker each week discussing their talk and research.
Our philosophy is to invoke research experience early and in parallel with your core major requirements, then add formal research experiences in your junior/ senior years.   The UGRIP also has funding to support your research on a competitive basis (LIKE PURF).  The UGRIP experience serves as an extracurricular activity that expands your research competence, helps you choose and focus your research and career interests and it adds to your resume for future employment/ academic opportunities.  Students from participating departments (Biological Sciences, Environmental and Plant Biology, Geology, Geography, Philosophy) are welcome.

To apply to the UGRIP program:
You must be interested in EEB research and have a 3.0 or better GPA unless you are a freshman.
New inductees are admitted in fall semester each year and applications are evaluated on academic standing, GPA, their research interests and experience to date.
The easy application form is attached and available HERE<https://www.ocees.ohio.edu/ocees%20UGRIP.htm>. The deadline is OCTOBER 22nd so do in today!!!!

Accepted students will be notified within a week and will be registered in BIOS 3880 U/G RESEARCH & INQUIRY in EEB (2 Cr. hrs) for Spring Quarter (keep W  11:50-1:40 open in your spring schedule, we will add you on the first day of class).

I'm here if you have questions.  reilly at ohio.edu<mailto:reilly at ohio.edu>        AS they say.. APPLY NOW!

Send your applications to me by email or put it in my mail box in Irvine 107.
reilly at ohio.edu<mailto:reilly at ohio.edu>

Dr. Reilly
LSB 129
reilly at ohio.edu<mailto:reilly at ohio.edu>

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