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Forwarded from your new ITSA team.


Dear IT students and Alums,

I hope this message finds you well,
My name is Mohamad Al-Issa I am the new  president of ITSA. A new group of
outstanding  students has been elected to serve as the executive board of
ITSA for the academic year 2014-15 (Names listed below), on behalf of the
group I would like  give you all an idea about our plan for this year. Your
suggestions, ideas, participation, are always welcome.

Our plan is as follows :

Events :
- Organize the playful learning conference here at OU for the second year.
- Conduct Weekly workshops introducing the latest technologies and their
uses in education.
- Host speakers from across the country and internationally if
circumstances permit.
- Organize field trips to educational institutions in Ohio and other states
to help introduce the IT students to the work environment and the real life
implementations of technologies.

Marketing and promotion
- Rebuild the ITSA website and social media presence to reflect the new
spirit,mission and vision of the IT program.
- Create a central hub for job posting.
- Create a central hub for the research projects our students and alums are
working on.
- Create a central hub for all recourses students during their academic
venture and after they graduate.
- Creating a hub to advertise the research,presentations and publications
of our students and the alums alike.
- Create a central hub of funding recourses available for students and
alums, locally through OU, nationally through educational or governmental
organizations and internationally through international organizations and

- Organize Portfolio workshops for MA students
- Organize Comps groups to help students taking Comps through the process.
- Organize Dissertation groups to help students throughout the process.

In short, we want to create a community that can help you when you a
student and after you graduate, a community you all will be proud to belong
too, your help is much needed, any participation, assistance, suggestions,
ideas or even criticism are always welcome, please don't hesitate to
contact me with anything

Please make sure you like us on Facebook to keep track of our latest news @


Mohamad Al-Issa

ma187509 at ohio.edu

ITSA Executive Board Members:

President : Mohamad Al-Issa

VP: Mohamed Smahi

Treasure: Samuel  Antwi

Programming officers : Jeff Khun, Patrick Mose, Paa Kwesi, John Ekpee

Public relations/ Marketing  officer : Fatima Ibrahim

Communication and Social Media: Nasiha Arif

Secretary: Filipo Lubua

Webmaster: Tracy Robinson

Seann M. Dikkers, PhD
Assistant Professor, Educational Studies

388 McCracken Hall
Dept. Educational Studies
The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

Gaming Matter Research Group @ http://www.gamingmatter.com
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