[Itech] TAs that are international students must register to take the Speak Test

Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Thu Jun 12 11:31:40 EDT 2014

Graduate Students working as Teaching Assistants (TA),

If you are going to teach a university class this fall as a TA, you need to
talk to Dr. Moore or Dr. Dikkers about registering for the SPEAK Test.
This is university policy.

The information concerning the test is below.

Dr. Franklin

This is to inform you that the SPEAK test for the beginning of Fall
semester will be given on *Monday, August 18, 2014 at 9:30am in the lower
level of Gordy Hall.*

You can also notify registered students that there will be a SPEAK Test
information session available to students at 8:30am in Gordy 113 the day of
the test.

*To register students, please:*

   1. Complete the attached form electronically in Microsoft Word format.
   (Please open it, fill it out, save it, and return it via email as an
   attachment—We may not receive registrations that are sent by other means).
   2. Email the completed form to masterso at ohio.edu
<hitchcog at ohio.edu> by 5:00pm,
   Monday, August 11th.

*You will need the following information*:

   1. Student’s name, last name first please
   2. Student’s P-number
   3. Student’s OHIO email address if available
   4. Whether the student is likely to teach Fall Semester 2014-15.

Only departments can register students. *Students cannot register
themselves*. We cannot test students who are not registered.

Please note that departments will need to contact their students to inform
them of the test, and to remind them of the test.  ELIP does not contact
students about the test, so please be sure students are aware of it.
Please inform any of your students who need to take the test to bring their
Ohio University ID and come to the Lower Level of Gordy Hall by 9:15am on
the test date.

 *Who should be tested:*

Any non-native English-speaking student the department is considering for a
teaching assistantship during the 2014-15 academic year who has not yet
received English language clearance for instructional assignments should be
tested. A teaching assistantship refers to any position in which the person
must explain course content to students, whether in the classroom or a lab.

Students who have taken the SPEAK test and not received a clear score (230
or higher) are note eligible to re-take it until they have participated
actively in pre-approved pronunciation/speaking training (e.g., a course or
with a tutor) for at least 20 hours.  The test is offered at the beginning
and end of every semester.

*How to be cleared for a teaching assignment:*

It is your department's choice how you would like to have a non-native
English-speaking student assessed for their English speaking proficiency.
There are two options:

   1. The SPEAK Test given here on campus. Clearance for instructional
   assignments is granted once a student has achieved a score of 230 or higher
   (out of 300) on the SPEAK test. Students are also allowed to teach if they
   receive a 190 or higher and take a speaking class concurrently (ELIP 5220).
   2. The TOEFL iBT. Students can also be cleared for instructional
   assignments if they receive a TOEFL iBT score of at least 80 and an iBT
   Speaking section score of at least 24 (out of 30). The score cannot be more
   than one year old as of the date the student would begin teaching. Students
   who score at least 80 on the iBT and in the range of 21-23 on the Speaking
   section of the iBT can teach if they take a speaking class concurrently
   (ELIP 5220). If your department chooses this option for a student, you will
   need to check the appropriate box on the Certification of Oral English
   Proficiency For Graduate Teaching Assistants that is given to the Graduate
   College. Contact Dawn Bikowski (bikowski at ohio.edu) if you want a student
   to take the ITA class ELIP 5220.

For more information on the test and Ohio University policies, please go
to: http://linguistics.ohio.edu/ELIP/?page_id=313

*SPEAK testing procedures:*

SPEAK Test scores will be available in the PeopleSoft system within one
week for you to access and report to the students. Scores can be found in
the Academic Test Summary screen, which is under Student Admissions —>
External Score Processing.  Your department will be notified by email of
student placements in a course if necessary. The Graduate College will
contact any departments with students on TA contracts who do not take the
SPEAK test. The test is administered by the English Language Improvement
Program in the Linguistics Department and is offered every semester. If you
have any questions about how the test is administered, please contact Dawn
Bikowski (bikowski at ohio.edu). Information about the test can be found at

*SPEAK-test related courses:*

For your information and planning, depending on their scores, students may
have to take one of the following courses:

  ELIP 5200 English Pronunciation: section 100, Arranged time based on
students’ schedules

  ELIP 5220 ITA Classroom Communication: section 100 TTh 9:00am - 10:20am
or section 101 Arranged time based on students’ schedules

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Chris Hitchcock

SPEAK Test Coordinator

hitchcog at ohio.edu

Dawn Bikowski

Director, English Language Improvement Program Linguistics

bikowski at ohio.edu


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