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Please share with your friends.

Dr. Franklin

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FYI, if you have students who might be interested.  Marlene

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Hi Marlene,

Irene from Operation Groundswell here...we just spoke a moment ago. To
reiterate, we run international service learning programs, and I wanted to
get in touch with you because we have an alternative spring break program
running in Guatemala for students at Ohio University. We would greatly
appreciate it if you would be able to send this to all the students in the
various departments you manage. It'd be a great opportunity for them!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this as we hope to see more
Ohio University students on our programs!

Thanks so much,



Step out of the classroom and into a hands-on exploration of everything
coffee – its economics, its markets, its exploitative history, and the
truth behind fair trade. This Spring Break, come work with us on the slopes
of the Pacaya volcano as we pick coffee alongside local farmers while
basking in the Guatemalan sun. We will discuss political change and social
transformation with local organizations while immersing students like you
in Mayan culture. We'll have the opportunity to meet with the real human
faces working to make a difference in Guatemala as we:

·  Get our hands dirty cultivating coffee alongside local coffee farmers

·  Meet with former guerrillas who have traded their guns for farming tools

·  Hike one of Central America’s highest volcanic peaks

Apply by our deadline on February 12! <http://operationgroundswell.com/>

*Can’t travel during your Spring Break or want to travel elsewhere? We also
have a number of programs in the summer all around the world! *

Check out our map of where we go.


 Operation Groundswell is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to
ethical travel. We facilitate programs that combine experiential learning,
responsible volunteering and off-the-beaten path adventure all around the

[image: Inline image 1] <http://www.operationgroundswell.com/>


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