[Itech] General Information Concerning Summer and Fall Registration, etc

Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Thu Mar 28 10:00:41 EDT 2013

Hello IT and CET Graduates,


1. Faculty are not required to be on campus after graduation day.  At times
we are on campus but at other times we are not.  We are only
hired/contracted from the Aug start of school to May graduation.
Dissertations, theses, and comps are also on hold for the summer as faculty
are not here -- and not required to be here.  The summer is when faculty
typically research, write grants, write journal articles and plan for the
next year -- and do very, very limited email correspondence with students.

*What this means to you *is that if you plan to register for summer or fall
*courses that will need a green slip*, you need to come in and see your
advisor ASAP!  As OU has moved to semesters, the 'rules' have changed and
the ability of a faculty member to sign a green slip over email is no
longer possible.  *

2. Program of Study forms need to be completed by the end of your second
year as an IT doctoral student and your first year as a CET student.*  CET
majors should meet with their advisors to complete this form.  IT doctoral
students should meet with their advisor to set up a committee to meet.  The
Program of Study Committee for the doctoral student is the same committee
that gives the student his/her comprehensive exam.

3. Dr. Dikkers will become the program coordinator beginning May 4th.  I
have received a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research in Turkey at
Sakayra University concerning mobile technologies in the fall semester and
will only work with my doctoral dissertation students online/email during
that fall semester period. If you need a green slip from me it is even more
important that you see me ASAP for your dissertation hours, independent
study, portfolio, internship, etc.  Contrary to rumors -- I will be back to
teach in the spring and the next fall (unless something unexpected
happens).  Dr. Moore and Dr. Dikkers will take care of my advisees while I
am gone.

4. Dr. Dikkers will handle admissions, program concerns, scheduling, etc --
all the things I normally did as program coordinator.  It is difficult to
be the program coordinator when in Turkey! :)

5. If you are a doctoral student and plan to walk in graduation, you need
to inform the Graduate College and arrange for an escort (typically your
dissertation chair/advisor) to hood you during the doctoral ceremony.

6. Registration for Fall is open -- *register early as classes with low
enrollment will be dropped *during the week before the fall semester
begins.  Failure to indicate that you plan to take a course, may lead to
the course being dropped and you having to pay more money to stay longer in
school until the course comes around again.
Please read and act upon the issues that apply to you before May 1st.*  May
3rd is graduation day and faculty will be busy with those activities and
then they will be away from campus for the summer!

Dr. Franklin

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The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
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stops." - Henry Adams


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