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FYI Graduates!

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Semesters--please distribute
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*English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) Courses Summer & Fall
Semesters *
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White New]<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?OhioUniversityLingui/e76fcc9d8f/TEST/e83221ebca>
   *SUMMER SESSION 1 (5/13/2013 – 6/29/2013)*

*Graduate Writing Class—Professional Writing Section*
*(ELIP 5140)—2-3 hours*
M & W 1:05-2:55pm
(Class #1746), Gordy 203

*Graduate Reading and Writing*
*(ELIP 5120) – 2-3 credit hours*
T & Th 3:05-4:55pm
(Class #1745), Gordy 305

*Oral Communication in Graduate Studies*
*(ELIP 5300) – 2-3 credit hours*
M & W 4:10pm-6:00 pm
(Class #1750), Gordy 305

 *Summer 2013 Courses<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?OhioUniversityLingui/e76fcc9d8f/TEST/de90482df5>

SUMMER SESSION 2 (7/1/2013 – 8/17/2013)

Writing for Research—Thesis and Dissertation
(ELIP 5160) – 2-3 hours
M & W 3:05-4:55pm
(Class #1748), Gordy 205

Academic Writing in Graduate Studies (ELIP 5140) – 2-3 hours
T & Th 3:05-4:55pm
(Class #1747), Gordy 203*

 *Summer 2013 Courses<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?OhioUniversityLingui/e76fcc9d8f/TEST/09d4ecff6b>

(8/26/13 – 12/7/13)

Writing for Research—Thesis and Dissertation
(ELIP 5160) – 3 credit hours
T 5:15-7:05pm
(Class #7404), Gordy 205

Academic Writing in Graduate Studies
(ELIP 5140) – 3 credit hours
General Section—T 3:05-4:55pm
(Class #7402), Gordy 203
Online Section—meets online only.
(Class #7430)

Critical Reading and Analysis
(ELIP 5100) – 3 credit hours
Th 5:15-7:05pm
(Class # 9379), Gordy 305

Graduate Reading and Writing
(ELIP 5120) – 3 credit hours
M 3:05-4:55pm
(Class #10246), Gordy 110

Oral Communication in Graduate Studies
(ELIP 5300) – 3 credit hours
W 3:05pm-4:55pm
(Class #7408), Gordy 203*

 *Fall 2013-2014

[image: facebook find
       Graduate Writing and Speaking Classes
March 27, 2013
    [image: box_top.gif]   Dear Graduate Chairs, [image: DawnB]
I am writing to let you all know about the *English Language Improvement
Program (ELIP)*
 courses for Summer 2012-13 & Fall Semester 2013-14. Please distribute this
message to all department faculty, staff and students who might find it

Both American and international graduate st
udents can take ELIP courses to assist them in developing their writing and
presentation/oral skills.

ELIP courses and times are listed to the right.  ELIP assignments are
discipline specific and the co
urses provide a significant amount of one-on-one attention. The courses are
for-credit and do not affect GPA as long as credit is attained.

If you would like more detailed course information, please click on the
links provided or contact me personally.  If you have a colloquium or class
meeting where we can present the classes, please contact me and we can
arrange a time.

Dawn Bikowski, PhD
Director, English Language Improvement Program
Linguistics Department
*bikowski at ohio.edu*




 *Professional Writing Course (ELIP 5140).* This professional writing
course will help students develop skills to become a successful writer in
their academic and professional career – cover letters, curriculum vitae,
grants etc.

 *Graduate Writing Class—Professional Writing

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 Did you know?
If a student is on an Ohio University tuition waiver, they can take summer
courses (9-18 credit hours) and not have to pay the general tuition? ELIP
courses can count for all or some of those hours. This means that
international students can come to campus the summer before their Fall
Semester courses start and take English courses to prepare them for their
graduate work.


*"I feel more prepared to work on my thesis.  I now have the structure and
organization that I should follow in order to present academic research." **

                                    -- **Thesis/Dissertation Writing Student
Tel: (740) 593-0201
Email:  *bikowski at ohio.edu*

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Instructional Technology Program Coordinator
313D McCracken Hall*, *Dept. Educational Studies
The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
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also: franklinteresa at gmail.com

"A teacher affects eternity; [she]he can never tell where the influence
stops." - Henry Adams


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