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mation with any dissertation students who might be interested and whose
studies fit the

*From:* Barbara Schmertz [mailto:bschmertz at jkcf.org]
*Sent:* Thursday, October 25, 2012 10:53 AM
*To:* Howley, Aimee
*Subject:* Announcing 2013 Jack Kent Cooke Dissertation Fellowship****

** **

*Dear *Aimee*,*

* *

*I write to send you material related to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s
Dissertation Fellowship and to request your help in bringing it to the
attention of others.* In *this third year*, we will *award four Fellowships
of up to $25,000* to support advanced doctoral candidates in a variety of
fields, including education and the social sciences. All candidates must
have successfully completed all pre-dissertation requirements, including
defense of their dissertation proposals.****

** **

At the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, we assist high-achieving low-income
students, from middle school to graduate school, in reaching their full
potential through education. ****

** **

*We have created the dissertation fellowships for doctoral candidates who
are researching the population of student we serve* in order to advance our
understanding of the factors and contexts that help low-income students to
overcome personal adversity and challenging socioeconomic circumstances to
excel academically. We plan to use this knowledge to design programs and
interventions that will help more low-income students identified as
high-achieving in their primary and secondary school years to sustain their
achievement levels through college and beyond.****

** **

Although applicants must be candidates for a doctoral degree at a graduate
school in the United States, they need not be US citizens. Please note that
the applicants' graduate study may be in a diverse range of academic
disciplines (e.g., policy studies, economics, psychology, education) but *their
topic must be tied to the Foundation’s mission: Advancing the education of
exceptionally promising students with financial need.*


You were identified in our outreach efforts as someone who could help us
tap the rich applicant pool we seek. We hope you can help our endeavor by
sharing this information regarding the fellowship within your networks,
both fellow faculty and eligible graduate students.  ****

** **

Links to the application requirements and guidelines are posted on our
website; the application and other materials must be submitted by *February
4, 2013*.  Recipients will be notified in*May 2013. *Please visit
 to learn about the Fellowship as well as when and how to apply.****


*Thank you in advance for your assistance.*****


*Best Regards,*****

*Barbara Schmertz, Ph.D.***

*Program Manager*

*The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation*




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