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Dear Graduates who plan to walk in Commencement,

For those of you graduating...this email I received may help you understand
the process.  They have changed the order this year from MED graduating
first to PHD being hooded first...so that may change when you tell family to
come.  This email is for PHD faculty but it explains the process and I am
not sure if they send one of these to graduates so I am sharing!  :)
Delete if is does not apply to you!

See you on Friday!
Dr. Franklin

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Greetings. You are receiving this e-mail because you are escorting a
candidate in the annual Commencement Ceremony on Friday. With Commencement
just days away, I am writing to provide additional details you might find

Check in for Commencement and doctoral hooding will begin at
8:30 in the parking garage level of the Convocation Center on Friday,
June 11, 2010. Please note that Masters degree candidates are also gathering
the parking area, and their gathering place is separate from the
doctoral gathering spot. The Doctoral check in tables are located on the
side of the Convocation garage, near the internal stairwell. There will be
signs to assist you.

The Graduate College will have staff on hand to assist with line up.
Spring doctoral graduates will be receiving their diplomas during the
ceremony, so a seating order is required. There will be seating
charts and name tags on your seats to help you.

Doctoral candidates will be hooded prior to the recognition of
Master's candidates. Ph.D. and Ed.D. candidates will lead, with AuD
and DPT candidates next. Students and escorts are seated together. Degrees
awarded by academic college in alphabetical order, beginning with Arts &

If you are escorting more than one student, you will be grouped together
your students. You will follow your first student up to the platform, then
remain on the platform for each additional student, following your last
student as they exit. Escorts who are also members of the Platform Party
meet your student on the platform for hooding. If you are escorting students
in more than one college, you will be seated with your student in the first
college. After you exit the platform, you will need to circle back to meet
with your next student.

For the hooding ceremony, you will follow your student up the ramp to the
platform, where you will meet the Dean of your college, who will assist with
the hooding. Following hooding and hand shakes, you and your student will
cross to the middle of the platform,shake hands with President McDavis, and
then exit the platform. Diplomas are handed out at the far end of the
platform, and this is also where photos are taken. After exiting the
please return to your seat. There is a recessional at the end of the

I look forward to seeing you on Friday.



Katherine Demory Tadlock, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Student Services
Graduate College
Ohio University
Athens OH 45701
740.593.2860 - office
740.593.4625 - fax

Dr. Teresa Franklin
Instructional Technology
Educational Studies Dept.
313D McCracken Hall
College of Education
Ohio University
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