[Itech] Interviewees needed for Open Source Tools Used in K-12 Education

Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Tue Sep 29 16:39:12 EDT 2009

Hi Graduate Candidates:

I  know you are tired of seeing my emails today but all kinds of things are
going on at OU with our program!

If you are presently teaching or working in a K-12 school and use any of the
open source tools that we worked with or explored in the MED/PHD  programs,
I have a person that wants to interview your for the College of Education
Anthenaeum.  Open Office, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Forms for
surveys, Moodle, Picasa, Sketch-Up, EduBlog, YouTube, Teacher Tube, Twitter,
Wikis, Poll Everywhere, Second Life, etc. any of these would be interest to
Devin (rdevinhughes at gmail.com) who is writing the story about using Open
Source tools being used in K-12 education for teaching and learning.  (some
of you working in higher ed may want to give him a call as well if you are
using these tools as it would expand what he is writing!)

Please contact to Devin Hughes before Friday -- he is willing to call you or
take email if you send him your contact information or an email. Let me know
if you need more info.

Teresa Franklin

As a Unit, we prepare leader-educators and practitioners who share in our
commitment to lifelong learning and serving society responsibly as change
agents in meeting diverse human and social needs.

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