[Itech] Greetings from Dr Turner

Sandy Turner turners at ohio.edu
Wed Mar 4 22:44:56 EST 2009

I sent this message to the ITECH listserv about 10 days ago, but I'm not 
sure it appeared. Maybe I used the old listserv address. So here it is 
again . . .   --ST

>Hello IT students,
>Perhaps some of you have heard rumors of my health, and I wanted to tell you
>personally. After being very healthy all my life, I've just been diagnosed
>with stomach cancer. I discovered a lump in my abdomen. At first, a biopsy
>showed it was benign and would dissolve on its own. When it didn't, further
>tests showed it is definitely malignant. (Moral: always seek second 
>I'm getting treatment from specialists at one of the best cancer centers in
>the U.S. -- University of Chicago. I'll start chemotherapy this week. I'm
>strong and optimistic and ignoring the statistics :-) I still expect to teach
>in the Spring, but I've learned that life is unpredictable.
>I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. I may not be able to answer 
>right away, but the hospital does have free wireless and Jack brought me my
>Take care. I do miss you all.

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