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Hello Faculty and Graduate Students, 

Please take a look at the announcement below -- it has great opportunity for
our graduate students!  Pass on to friends and others as you wish!


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The announcement below about a new website for masters, doctoral, and
postdoctoral researchers should be o of interest to a number of you.


Rick Reis

			The Graduate Junction

The Graduate Junction, www.graduatejunction.com, is the first website to
bring together Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral researchers from any
discipline around the globe.  It aims to provide an easy way to meet and
communicate with others who share common research interests in a global
multi-disciplinary environment.  Through The Graduate Junction you can learn
about current research being undertaken by other graduate
researchers all over the world.  The Graduate Junction also aims to become a
central source of relevant information.

This new free online resource has been developed by graduate researchers at
Durham and Oxford University (UK).  They have designed a simple, easy to use
platform which only provides relevant information and
functionality.  More information about The Graduate Junction's vision, its
Team and university testimonials are available online.

Launched in May 2008, early versions of The Graduate Junction, with limited
publicity, attracted more than 8000 researchers from over 70 countries to
register.  Now with a redesigned site, an expanded Team and articles in well
established press such as The Chronicle of Higher Education (US) and The
Times Higher Education (UK), the community is growing rapidly.

Please help us to build an online global graduate research community.  If
presently you cannot find exact matches to your research interests, fill in
some very basic details about your own research and as the news
spreads, others will be able to find and contact you!  The information
listings have only just been added so it will take some time to provide
comprehensive coverage.  If you are organizing a conference or involved
with a graduate journal and want to list it for free please contact us.  If
you support our vision please help us spread the news to other researchers
at your institution.

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