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  Hello All, For those of you that are interested in Second Life (which is
part of the research I am working on) here is an interesting story!  A
new way to help students begin to understand science. Teresa
16, 2008 Darwin's Famous Journey Is Recreated in Second Life

The ways in which people celebrate the life and work of Charles Darwin are

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Darwin's *On the Origin of Species
by Means of Natural Selection,* the University of Cincinnati has recreated
the Galapagos Islands, where Darwin conducted some of his famous research,
in Second Life. The project is part of the university's 2009 Darwin
Sesquicentennial Celebration. <http://www.uc.edu/darwin/>

By January 2009, all avatars will be able to retrace Darwin's steps — from
his 1832 journey to South America aboard the *Beagle* to his tours of the
islands — with the help of a wind-surfing tour guide. Archived audio and
video clips, as well as live events, will be available in the Darwin
Celebration Theater and Gallery.

An undergraduate communications and technology class is creating kiosks in
Second Life and compiling information about Darwin's journey and findings.
Students who take two field trips to the Galapagos next year will bring back
images and video that will be added to the tour, according to Chris M.
Collins, project manager for the Second Life Project at the university. Ms.
Collins wrote about the project with Ronald M. Millard, a professor of
pharmacology and cell biophysics and chairman of the celebration's program
and planning committee, for *EDUCAUSE**

Ms. Collins said the site could be an effective learning tool for college
students and would teach them things they "can't get from reading a
textbook." *—David DeBolt*

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