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Please see the call for papers below from Dr. Hutchinson.


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Hi Teresa and David and Sandy,

This is an announcement and call for various issues of the upcoming D&E
journal. I thought of all of you when I saw the last "Call for Papers" on
Technology and Democracy. Feel free to share with any former or current
students who may have an interest in writing re. this. Thanks. --Jaylynne

Democracy & Education at Lewis & Clark wrote:

> http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001gRIgqEBJVdpjtmlc8OlKxRdiUYUHdK7pJjKsU3-nT5idlSGR1m7kut-XQyN5m08F3OV1LAHzkYZQlbhb8I6Idqlt1qUf1T8OJh492_ES5X7jUpEx1ASi3d512g0ePFqeQyVGS4VFOvs=>
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Alternative strategies for building physically and emotionally "safe"
> spaces for learning
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Dear Educator:
> On February 14, 2008, six students were killed on the campus of Northern
> Illinois University in a highly publicized shooting. Maylan Dunn-Kenny was
> instructing a class of soon-to-be teachers when the shooting happened. In
> the months that followed, her students, many of whom had come of age against
> a backdrop of high-profile school shootings, grappled with the meaning of
> the violence. In a reflection included in this issue of Democracy &
> Education, she comments, "While I had been seeing schools as 'innocent
> bystanders,' affected by the random violence that existed in society at
> large, my students seemed to see schools as a target of violence. . . . My
> students seemed convinced that schools were potentially violent places, and
> yet they had made the commitment to teach."
> Americans in particular have a strong notion that schools should be almost
> pastoral islands of safety in a chaotic world. Yet, even disregarding
> violent crimes like shootings, which are less frequent but well publicized,
> schools rarely live up to this idealized notion-for example, bullying and
> taunting are ever-present. Simply declaring that schools are supposed to be
> safe isn't enough.
> What are schools and teachers to do? As Michael Hills and Stephen Woolworth
> note in their essay, "Many schools continue to be marked by policies,
> procedures, and technologies that suggest order and control are the
> preeminent educational values of the day. [A] culture of enforcement
> pervades many schools and districts."
> The authors in this issue offer alternative strategies for building
> physically and emotionally "safe" spaces for learning that encourage caring
> and kindness. The physical safety of students remains, and will remain, a
> priority for administrators and the public. But for many students, an
> equally practical reality is the reassurance that they will not be
> judged-they're free to ask questions, be themselves, and mount challenges to
> received wisdom.
> For information on purchasing the "Creating Safe and Caring Learning
> Communities" issue or a yearly subscription, please see below or visit our
> website <
> http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001gRIgqEBJVdpjtmlc8OlKxRdiUYUHdK7pJjKsU3-nT5idlSGR1m7kut-XQyN5m08F3OV1LAHzkYZQlbhb8I6Idqlt1qUf1T8OJh492_ES5X7jUpEx1ASi3d512g0ePFqeQyVGS4VFOvs=
> >.
> Regards,
> Hanna Neuschwander
> Editorial Director
> *Ordering the Current Issue*
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> <
> http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001gRIgqEBJVdrcSNRMnU7gS27AwInwtZBJRwbYdSZDjH4vurwUS3AVWRmUo4RmoH-LURcLhEQcKX8_5Feo4lFW54CzVEgjejAr1-yiITqRciFQlqa6mx3P07ptCS5ucgR5Mro4WU21NVvmj9hU08FBmA==>This
> issue of Democracy & Education focuses on how to create nurturing school
> communities where students are safe to learn, explore, and challenge.
> "Creating Safe and Caring Learning Communities" can be ordered by
> subscribing to the journal ($40 associate rate, $70 institutional rate), or
> purchased individually for $10. Bulk rates for classroom sets are available.
> Alumni of Lewis & Clark can order subscriptions for $20.
> To learn more about this issue, or to order copies, visit our website <
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> Upc.oming Issues
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Teachers' Voices in Today's Schools-Why Are They Critical?
> Deadline for manuscripts: October 15, 2008
> We are seeking manuscripts that explore the role for teachers' voices in
> today's schools and classrooms, and as part of the larger conversation about
> education policy, democracy, and student achievement. Often teachers find
> themselves in a contradictory position of having knowledgeable "teacher
> voices" with their students, but having little say in other aspects of
> education. Manuscripts might address themes captured in the following
> questions:
>    * What does it mean to be an activist teacher in a democratic
>      tradition?
>    * How are school cultures set up to encourage (or discourage)
>      teachers' voices? Is there a cost associated with using your
>      "teacher voice" outside the classroom?
>    * With national, state, and district mandates, where is there room
>      for the teacher's voice? What are examples of innovative ways
>      that teachers have ensured their voices are heard?
> Read the full call for papers <
> http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001gRIgqEBJVdrCErBFAnFVeLZrnPFZHpDKw7jHN7_VlsNyLl1kQUkVVdi-tbvFRadAFS4SR8zca37I5UAmySe4PDk3u4ofyNF00QacxDpOU5py-1zLXq_8k805idj8CB0wODo-BvZ0GsL816jk6lujCg==
> >.
> Technology and Democracy
> Deadline for manuscripts: January 15, 2009
> Technology has been called "the great equalizer"-if information is power,
> technology has the capacity to level the playing field, providing students
> and educators with more and better information, and getting it to them
> faster. But technology can be expensive and difficult to use or understand.
> In practice, it is often distributed unevenly, which can exacerbate unequal
> access to powerful democratizing tools. We are seeking manuscripts that
> explore the benefits and barriers presented by technology, addressing themes
> captured in the following questions:
>    * How have the technological advances of the last 20 years opened
>      up our understanding of democracy, voice, and participation in
>      schools?
>    * How might technology be used to empower students-to give them
>      confidence, access to information and new perspectives, and
>      outlets to explore the world they live in?
>    * With many students spending so much time alone with their
>      computers, televisions, or portable electronics, how will
>      educators ensure these students are prepared with the essential
>      collaborative skills necessary in a democracy? How might
>      technology be part of that learning experience?
> Read the full call for papers <
> http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001gRIgqEBJVdofBn0FAwmFTBV8iyKxpiEI7u70wOpVeRRdwhP6NBDYgzEkVJhruOdw_R7EMP-nl6v2euMcIsJkvop5GVM5QpF571AMExMYJA0EUWTWk_ASIBEZp2fNpz_sY-01d4DXL6c7QBS61JomQQ==
> >.
> To submit a manuscript, email journal at lclark.edu. Be sure to read our
> submission guidelines <
> http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001gRIgqEBJVdosIyJ7_Z6q2gz2M-tztWgm5VH713A6ZvWKfL3MrbflydB35rzx9r4Q33aAY7aZWgXT2hx-SNz6m6ycu68bc7LJxA8ptjSy9U5ixw3HiUd1g1nk92HdXZi_G5BBJVrCkT4hFDloX_kzdg==>.
> *About Democracy & Education*
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Democracy & Education is a journal about the classroom; it focuses on
> sustaining and developing democratic teaching practices that value the
> voices of students and teachers. It is a community colloquium bringing to
> light the success and struggles of educators as they work to merge
> democratic teachings and principles with real-world practices. We are
> committed to capturing the good practices of the worldwide teaching
> community, empowering the young to play articulate roles in the public
> space, supporting diverse perspectives, and encouraging caring, equitable,
> just, and inclusive teaching.
> If you would like to receive calls for papers for future issues, please
> email Hanna Neuschwander using the contact information provided below.
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